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  • "I met Dr. Matt during turbulent times with my scoliosis returning and my physical health stagnating throughout the pandemic and other life changing events. Dr. Matt is way more than just a chiropractor. He truly cares about your overall well-being along with making sure you get the most out of your life. I am able to stay motivated and encouraged when I see all the progress I have made and think about how much further I can go. He has been a good friend and resource for wisdom when I needed advice or guidance whether it was getting something off my chest or just setting personal goals to reach."

    - Brian K
  • "We are so thankful to have found Kasey! She understood our daughter at a deep level and the benefits of this have been so impactful for our family! She is flexible and adjusts for what our daughter is interested in or needs for the day if there are some hard moments that week. Ultimately, our daughter found a supportive teammate, a cheerleader and most importantly, a friend in her therapist which makes all the difference in the outcome of receiving Occupational Therapy. Thank you Kasey!!"

    - Sarah
  • "Kasey is fantastic! She is such a sweet and warming individual that really makes a personal connection with her patients. She was my son's therapist for Occupational Therapy and Feeding Therapy. He absolutely loves her! Even on his rough days, she always made it better. She deserves all the success life can give her. We 100% recommend her, she is amazing!"

    - Samantha
  • "Dr. Matt has my utmost appreciation and gratitude for his unique chiropractic knowledge and technique. I am 60 years old and still want to workout and behave like i am 30 - with that mindset comes the price of being "subluxated", (spine and nervous system disruption). I have been frequenting chiropractors since i was in my late 20's after being in an auto accident. I know chiropractic works and has helped many, but it has been difficult to find a chiropractor that will listen and adjust with the right power and technique to really put things back into alignment so that optimal healing and recovery will occur. If you are looking for a great, knowledgeable chiropractor that will work with you and adjust you for optimal health, look no further than Dr. Matt"

    - C.J.
  • "It was an amazing gift to have Kasey work with our son on an individual level. Her positive energy, focused attention, and complete confidence in his abilities created a willingness in him to challenge himself and reach outside of his comfort zone. Kasey was able to calmly guide him into new ideas and movements that were challenging and fun. She provided a safe space to express himself which has resulted in continued growth, independence, and self confidence. They created a wonderful friendship and his trust in her is without question.

    There are so many wonderful things to say about Kasey and the amazing work she did with my son that it is difficult to express our gratitude in a few simple sentences. Her dedication and knowledge continues to impact his journey in such a positive way and her kindness has left a lifelong impression on our entire family."

    - Tamara
  • "Kasey is highly skilled in her craft as an occupational therapist. Though her skill as a therapist is more than enough to highly recommend her, she is additionally the kindest therapist I have ever had the privilege of working with. Kasey's warmth, compassion, and joyful presence are what truly set her apart in her profession. Kasey is an expert in promoting healing through play and occupation with all of her clients, from the littlest up to young adults! She has mastered the art of holistic, trauma-informed, therapeutic care. Kasey is a life changer, and I cannot recommend her enough to any family seeking occupational therapy."

    - Rachel
  • "I have been blessed to receive chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Matt for the past few months, and to be refreshed by his personable demeanor and light hearted personality. He could always tell where and how my back and neck needed alignment, and was firm yet gentle in his treatment. He always had a way of making me laugh and lifting up my countenance if i was down, and always made me feel valued. I never felt like he was rushing to do my alignment, just so he could get to the next client, but rather his focus was on my chiropractic needs during my session. I see Dr. Matt as a man of integrity, and I would highly recommend him to anyone desiring a greater quality of life through chiropractic care. He is a 5 star/top notch chiropractor to me!"

    - Paula